P.T. Anderson, Wu-Tang, Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Burr, Ani DiFranco, A Tribe Called Quest, Portishead, Michel Gondry,  Nick Drake, Run the Jewels, Charlie Chaplin, Beastie Boys, The Roots, Kanye, Nirvana, Radiohead, Bill Hicks, Al Green, NIN, and Frank Ocean.    

Mildred can be abrasive, but is also a really good hugger.

Mildred Doesn't Sleep.

Mildred is the heir to the throne of the Nation of Celestial Space.  It's weird (we know), but Mildred essentially owns outer space.  Really, though.  Ask Mildred and Mildred will tell you about it one day.

Mildred Moody's new album is self-titled and it is available for download on this here website.  Go back to the home page and get it if you like.  Or stream it on all major platforms... with videos and a tour to follow. Mildred will not tell you what to do, but he does have suggestions.

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