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Modern Day (feat. DCMBR)

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Music and Lyrics by Mildred Moody
Produced and Mixed by Mildred Moody at Moody Stoodios, NYC
Additional engineering and mixing by Eric Segalstad
Mastered by Eric Segalstad at Sabi Studios, Colchester VT
Mildred Moody - all music and vocals
DCMBR - rap


I guess it’s not gang violence when you look like them
Eyes wide shut with the prayer hands
President’s brain getting poisoned by a spraLong gone are the days of old when we didn’t live our lives through a screen
Nowadays no one gives a damn
We don’t talk
We don’t connect
We group think

The corporate whores up on Capitol Hill know to conquer they must divide
One day maybe we’ll wake up and take them down when we unite
But for now…

We don’t give a shit
It’s our bliss
It’s the Modern Day

This beat meant to move your body
With more kick than Olindo Mare
frequencies hit ya if you’re high you’re heightened
Like Walken in the Dead Zone
Having an episode
Lock your kids at home
Never let them go anywhere anymore
They’re growing up alone
Living through a cell phone
Then we sit and wonder
“Why is everybody and their momma such an asshole?”

We’re trying to deny subconscious
To silence what those voices say
We know that this world is fucked up
But we don’t care enough to change

Everybody’s getting high and lonely
Everbody’s getting high on hate
Well i Think we’re about to overdose
I hope we learned something along the way

We don’t give a shit
It’s our bliss
It’s the Modern Day


Thoughts and prayers fuck yall’s thoughts and prayers
All that paster “gimme gimme” that’s what brought yall here
It’s DemoCrips verse’ ReBloodicans
y tan
The poor will have nothin left to eat but the rich
Got me ridin round this bitch, ski mask in a grape van
The whole world being ruled by the New South
Koch Bros and Bezos they put the news out
They keep us high, keep us sick, keep us misinformed
But the climate’s changin
They can’t weather all the comin storms

We don’t give a shit
It’s our bliss
It’s the Modern Day

We can look in each straight into other eye
We can sit right there
We can meet
We can look each other straight into each other’s eyes
We can meet right there
We connect