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Music, lyrics, production, mixing, guitars, synths by Mildred Moody
The words and voice of Oliver Sacks
Mastered by James Dellatacoma at Orange Music Sound, West Orange, NJ


I think science springs from a sense of nature’s mysteriousness
And the wonder of nature
And there is no need to invoke anything supernatural
Indeed I think too much involvement in the supernatural
May blind one to the wonder of nature
And I’m slightly terrified by certain fundamentalists
Who say, “Let the planet go to hell.”
“The final coming.”
“God. God will take care of it all.”

Although it doesn’t have to take an explicitly sort of theistic notion
I mean Einstein always used to say that the most beautiful thing in the world is the mysterious
And I think that the fundamental sense of mystery and awe and in the sublime
is behind all science and art and basically
i think science springs from a sense of nature’s mysteriousness.