1. Dennis Hopper

From the recording Mildred Moody

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Dennis Hopper

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Produced by Mildred Moody
Mixed by Eric Segalstad at Sabi Sound, Colchester VT
Mastered by James Dellatacoma at Orange Music Sound, West Orange, NJ

Mildred Moody - samples, vocals, looped harmonies, organ, guitars, drums
Eric Segalstad - the really incredible guitar playing on the last part of the song
Mary Esther Carter - backing vocals
Kristina Teuschler - Clarinet


Calling all imposters
From Dean to Wayne and Fonda
Clifford Worley. Frank Booth.
Dennis Hopper's on the loose
heading home.
That Easy Rider he's gone
Hand him a Chesterfield
Wrap him in Blue Velvet
and say so long